Diaptin (Sitagliptin)

  • Generic name: Sitagiliptin
  • Pharmacologic Category: Antidiabetic Agent
  • Dosage Forms: Tablet, Oral (50, 100 mg)
  • Mechanism of Action: A dipeptidyl peptidase - 4 inhibitor (DPP- 4)
  • Use: As adjunct to diet and exercise for appropriate patients with type ӀӀ Diabetes
  • Dosing and Administration
  • Benefits of Diaptin
  • Contraindications
  • The recommended dose of Diaptin is determined by the physician according to the patient's condition.
  • This medicine can be taken with or without food
  • This medicine is used in patients with kidney failure (which is hemodialysis) and liver failure.
  • Significant reduction in HbA1c
  • Safe in elderly patients
  • Fewer drug-drug interactions
  • Safe in renal insufficient and ESRD patients
  • Significant improvement in the function of insulin producing cells
  • Serious hypersensitivity (e.g. anaphylaxis, angioedema) to sitagliptin or any component of the formulation
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