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Today's pharmaceutical industry without a dramatic increase in R&D productivity, cannot sustain sufficient innovation to replace the loss of revenues due to patent expirations for successful products.

  • New drugs
  • involve working
  • make free patients
  • discovering and developing
  • research-based
New drugs undergo a long and complicated steps, including an evaluation of efficacy and safety, application for approval, and investigation and approval of drug applications by regulatory authorities.
We need people at both a local market and global level. This could involve working in our centers of excellence, which develop winning commercial strategies for key therapeutic areas and categories.
To make free patients from worry for their illness as soon as possible, we have to improve the quality of our R&D process. To achieve these aims, Arena Life Science carries out drug discovery and clinical development on a global basis, utilizing facilities of the Arena Group and related organizations worldwide. In this regards, we are reinforcing our system to innovate new products that meet medical needs in a timely manner.
Arena Life Science is focusing on discovering and developing new medicines to treat disease and improve people’s lives.
The research-based Arena is uniquely able to discover, develop, and produce lifesaving medicines for patients to make the best use of our R&D investment and provide the greatest benefit to patients, we largely concentrate in therapeutic areas in which we have deep expertise. This expertise enables us to focus on therapies that have a potential to improve people lives.

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